Finals are done!

So I can say that I am excited my final exams are done, but I only had one! Nothing compared to the brutal final schedules some people have. I will consider myself lucky for the semester. With that- I didn’t make a post yesterday since I was frantically studying for my quiz. Turns out I could have studied for about a billion less hours than I did! After my exam I tied up some loose ends at school and headed home…

This small pile is about half of what I brought home. I was proud of myself- in other years I brought home everything in my room!

One good thing about being home means that I get to spend time with my silly dog Lily. She did not know what to make of me moving back- she kept watching from the door and then running away as I walked up with an arm full of stuff!

Speaking of my dog- she is cairn terrier. My mom absolutely loves my dog so I decided to order her magnets from Etsy. They were here when I got home and I couldn’t even wait for Christmas. Needless to say my mom loved them!


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Rain?! It’s winter…

Thirteen days until Christmas… I think? I have my advent calendar set-up- not sure if I am on the right track. I always forget about it and then can’t remember how many to open. In any case Christmas is coming! I have the All I Want for Christmas Pandora station playing which is helping make this rain a little better. I must admit I am disappointed that it’s not snow.

It was disgusting outside with lots and lots of rain. I am surprised I found the motivation to make it to the gym. I did 20 minutes on the cross trainer- for some reason it was much more difficult that normal. Here is my routine:

Time                      Resistance
0-5                                 5
5-6                                 6
6-7                                 7
7-8                                8
Continue to 20 minutes/20 resistance
20-21                            5

Then after the cross trainer I braved a new machine that I have never tried before the Cardio Wave. It took me about 3 minutes to get used to this lateral movement. Then all of the sudden it seemed to click. I liked the work out- I could defiantly feel it in my thighs (the outer thigh too which was unique for a cardio machine!). I think I will try it again.

Well I was taking a study break… I finished all of my Christmas cards which reminded me that I want to make Christmas cookies. I return home from school very soon- so cookie making is on the way! I found these yummy things- not cookies but still look delicious, chocolate covered marshmallows. I’m hoping these will be an easy to treat to bring to my boyfriend’s family Christmas get together. It’s my inexpensive Christmas gift!

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Start the Day with Healthy Choices

I started my day with a pretty big breakfast. However, this was my compromise that helped me avoid the temptation of putting chocolate sauce on my oatmeal. I reminded myself of my new saying healthy choices build on each other. I had to remind myself of this again when it was tempting to take the elevator that was waiting on the ground floor…

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Hello there! So… this would be procrastination at its best! This is finals week at school and I am avoiding studying. I have been following blogs for a little bit now and I finally decided to create my own. I am not sure what to expect but I am pretty excited nonetheless. Speaking of procrastination my original plan…

To read the book Skinny Bitch. It got delivered… to my house! Oops so I guess I will have to wait for that one. I am interested in reading it since I have heard mixed reviews. There are people who love the book and people who think that the book could have a negative effect on body image. I have read some interesting reviews on amazon I would be interested to see what I think after I read it.

In other news it snowed yesterday and a left a nice dusting of winter to wake up to this morning… My day so far as been filled with my warm yummy foods including oatmeal at breakfast with gornola, peanut butter (my favorite), bananas, and raisins and tomato soup for lunch. Finding things to eat in a dining hall filled with trans fats, fried food, and butter can be difficult. We will see what comes my way for dinner. The snow and warm food as put me in the Christmas mood and inspired me  to finish with my Christmas cards.

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