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Hello there! So… this would be procrastination at its best! This is finals week at school and I am avoiding studying. I have been following blogs for a little bit now and I finally decided to create my own. I am not sure what to expect but I am pretty excited nonetheless. Speaking of procrastination my original plan…

To read the book Skinny Bitch. It got delivered… to my house! Oops so I guess I will have to wait for that one. I am interested in reading it since I have heard mixed reviews. There are people who love the book and people who think that the book could have a negative effect on body image. I have read some interesting reviews on amazon I would be interested to see what I think after I read it.

In other news it snowed yesterday and a left a nice dusting of winter to wake up to this morning… My day so far as been filled with my warm yummy foods including oatmeal at breakfast with gornola, peanut butter (my favorite), bananas, and raisins and tomato soup for lunch. Finding things to eat in a dining hall filled with trans fats, fried food, and butter can be difficult. We will see what comes my way for dinner. The snow and warm food as put me in the Christmas mood and inspired me ┬áto finish with my Christmas cards.

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