Live: All About Julia


My name is Julia and I am currently in college studying education. Over the past year, I have become interested in healthy living and exercising. This blog documents my experiences of navigating the stresses of college while making healthy choices and of course staying happy.

My life wasn’t always filled with healthy choices. When I came to college I was overwhelmed by the stresses that came with my new independent life. My first year was filled with eating mashed potatoes, ice cream, drinking soda, and eating popcorn almost everyday. My second year was filled with more of the same as I ate to cope with stress and to elevate boredom. With this came the pounds. Don’t worry I still eat all of those foods but I have found a way balance those choices with the foods that give my body energy.

A few years ago, my family experienced a wake-up call. My dad had a heart attack- it ended up being very mild. However, it changed his life. He know exercises everyday and eats an incredibly healthy diet mainly based in raw foods. He doesn’t count calories or participate in some other fad diets- he just lives. Returning home form college after my sophomore year I was inspired by my dad. I told my parents- no more pringles, no more mountain dew! I am going to do this… I joined a gym, started eating healthy and haven’t looked back.

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