It seems it’s been awhile AGAIN…

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So while I was awhile AGAIN… I learned more about High Intensity Interval Training and muscle confusion. I have a new favorite group wellness class that I attend that uses both of these practices and I LOVE it. Basically doing an insane amount of bicep work or other muscle groups feels good since you’re recovering from doing lots of burpees. PX90 which a lot of people know about is based in the idea of muscle confusion.


I will attempt to recall some of the work that we did…

  • Warm-up using exercise ball (hold the ball while doing typical warm up activities)
  • Cardio circuit (examples: double jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, high knees)
  • Arm circuit (exercise ball to work chest and triceps; bicep circuit)
  • Cardio circuit (fast feet, jacks with medicine ball, mountain climber with medicine ball)
  • Abs circuit (ab challenge followed by holding a plank)
  • Final cardio circuit
  • Cool down

That’s probably not exact, but I loved it! I challenged myself to stay with the instructor even though at times it was hard. For me, I tend to give up too easily when my body feels challenged. I am now embracing the burn!


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Been awhile… Be simple, be you

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