Happy Birthday to Me!

Well my 21st birthday is only two days away!! How did this happen?! Well in terms of my running and training and I few updates…

1. I have signed up for the Pilgrim 10k taking place in Patriot Place on the 4th of July! I figured it would be good to run a 10k before a half marathon. I’m looking at it as a stepping stone PLUS I was really excited to start training using the program I created through SmartCoach and I didn’t want to wait until July to start!

2. For my birthday my parents are getting me the Garmin Forerunner 405. I was able to find a better deal on Amazon.com. On Amazon.com the watch with the heart rate monitor was less than the watch alone on Garmin. I will be doing a review of the watch soon once I start using it.

3. I will be stopping by a running shoe store in the near future to try to figure out what is going on with my feet. I think I might need some insoles or new shoes. I get blisters on my feet when I run more than 4 or 5 miles.

I got the green!


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Time Flies

Wow! It is hard to believe it is the middle of May already! I was haven’t posted in over a month, but with summer here it is my plan to be back! I scrolled down a little bit and saw the picture I posted of Italy on January 15th. I am excited to be able share this picture…

My very on view of Florence! What a great visit that was…

Well- in the next few months I hope to get on my way in training for a half marathon. Check back with me to follow my journey of getting a good pair of running shoes, a new watch, and conquering the 13 miles.

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Be simple, be you

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
-E.E. Cummings

I love this quote! I have had a lot going on in the past few days and in the end I decided the best thing to do is be true to myself. My new years resolution (a month too late) is to do more things for myself. Then, I’m hoping this will lead me to being the person that I really am!

Along the same lines, I think an important part of being yourself is being simple and being real. Which made be think of Larabars which I heard about for the first time the other day. They are both simple and real with ingredients that you can count on one hand and that you have seen before! A book I was reading said that if you can pronounce the names and know what all the ingredients of something are then that probably means it’s pretty natural. Soooo, with this be simple, be you idea I am going to try a larabar and maybe¬†even make my own!

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It seems it’s been awhile AGAIN…


So while I was awhile AGAIN… I learned more about High Intensity Interval Training and muscle confusion. I have a new favorite group wellness class that I attend that uses both of these practices and I LOVE it. Basically doing an insane amount of bicep work or other muscle groups feels good since you’re recovering from doing lots of burpees. PX90 which a lot of people know about is based in the idea of muscle confusion.


I will attempt to recall some of the work that we did…

  • Warm-up using exercise ball (hold the ball while doing typical warm up activities)
  • Cardio circuit (examples: double jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, high knees)
  • Arm circuit (exercise ball to work chest and triceps; bicep circuit)
  • Cardio circuit (fast feet, jacks with medicine ball, mountain climber with medicine ball)
  • Abs circuit (ab challenge followed by holding a plank)
  • Final cardio circuit
  • Cool down

That’s probably not exact, but I loved it! I challenged myself to stay with the instructor even though at times it was hard. For me, I tend to give up too easily when my body feels challenged. I am now embracing the burn!

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Been awhile…

Well… It has been quite awhile since I have made a post. Several things contributed to this…. forgetting my password and then having less time during vacation then when I’m at school. I know that seems wrong. Well in any case I’m back!! I go back to school tomorrow after an amazing break! Here are some recaps of fun events and things I did. This will be a brief overview of about an entire month…

-Christmas Dinner with Kris’ family, a delicious meal of fried seafood and clam sauce spaghetti MANGIA! MANGIA! (For this meal I made chocolate covered oreos that were amazing!

-Christmas Eve was spent with Kris’ family again eating more of the same, love Italians!

-Christmas day I spent with my family in Massachusetts

-I found on Christmas I will be visiting my amazing friend Allie in Florence, Italy


I need to be there now!

-As part of our Christmas gifts, Kris and I decided to get each other a trip somewhere. Mine was obviously better planned and actually happened. We visited the Patriot’s Hall of Fame right after Christmas


Superbowl Rings

Kris with my other boyfriend Tom Brady

Tom Brady!

-New Years Eve was a pretty low key night, I went up to school with good intentions and ended up staying in and eating Kettle Corn as Snooki dropped in the ball?! Yeah didn’t make sense to me either


New Years Eve

-In the beginning of January we celebrated Kris’ sister’s birthday

Notice the huge plates that were once filled with sushi and steak!

-Last weekend, Kris’ grandparents took his family on an amazing trip to New York City. We ate a delicious meal at Carmines where everything is served family style. The courses included an antipasto salad, fried seafood, two types of pasta, two types of chicken, and amazing chocolate dessert. After that we walked a few blocks to see the hilarious show Avenue Q. What a great day!


Times Square

Carmines! Did I mention there were 19 of us!

After the show

As for the rest of the updates on the site. I will update the Workout Log for this week and go from there seeing I defiantly don’t remember all my workouts from the past month. Hopefully I will really be able to keep this up now! Look for my blog to be updated every few days with a post 2-3 times a week. That’s my goal!

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Home Again…

After a brief journey back to school, I am home again! School was interesting not exactly how we planned it to go and defiantly bitter sweet. We celebrated my roommate’s last night at school before studying abroad. Speaking of study abroad my passport arrived today complete with a my mean faced photograph. I got the passport since I am hoping to visit my roommate abroad over Spring break!

On my way home I stopped at the mall and spent forever there! I bought lots of awesome gifts but I can’t share them here yet! I got everything for pretty much everyone on my list just a few odds and ends. I am waiting for one more gift from etsy to be shipped. On my journey today thought I bought myself a resistance band and bought tons of yummy goodies for the treats I am making tomorrow.

I was very unmotivated to go to the gym tonight. It was probably the MSG in the chinese food I had for dinner with my mom. I ate wonton soup, ginger salad and vegetable roll. And a banana and nutella. Ughh I am so annoyed that I discovered I liked nutella. I did decided to workout in my basement with Jillian Michaels. I liked her tough love attitude and so I plan to spend tonight exploring some reviews on her other workouts and books.

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Grocery Shopping for One Apple?!


Home from school means back to work. So I started my day with a filling yummy bowl of oatmeal with lots of toppings, an iced coffee with soymilk, and a piece of toast with nutella and peanut butter yummmm

So I went to the grocery store by my gym after my workout to buy some fruit for my lunch tomorrow. Well… I got caught up in the NuVal system and got really excited about food! It was great to have some many options. So I left with way more than one apple.

Food that I got for lunch… I bought baby carrots but my mom as deterred me from eating them. I guess there are lots of chemicals?!


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